Sunday, 21 August 2016

Black and white

Design No. FP-02
Hello everyone, I have done this Warli Painting on a kurta. Warli painting is a tribal art. In certain tribal areas in India this kind of art is used to paint walls. It is an ancient form of home decor. So after the colourful peacock painting (previous post), isn't it a good time for this soothing black and white art?
All the designs are custom made.
Mention the design number and your place in comments or mail me here if you want this design on your dress.

Warli Painting on kurta
Working very hard

warli painting on kurta
The complete view of Warli Painting on kurta.

Hope you all liked the design. Enjoy and have a good day.


  1. Hi Rekha,

    This is looking so cute! I am glad to see your blog & work. Keep sharing with us!
    Thank You.


    1. Hello Khadija,
      Thanks for the words of appreciation. You will surely get to see more fabric painting work and dress design from RNK-Designs.